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We commit our time to assessment, treatment, and collaboration in all our services. We understand that your mental health is as important as your physical health and once we’ve established your needs, we implement coaching or behavioral support to support your efforts.

Jordan Hill
Our Team / Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill

CSSD, RDN, LDN | Board Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition | Eating Disorder Dietitian

Jordan Hill has been a dietitian since 2017 and has spent her career coaching and counseling individuals in the sports performance and eating disorder space. She has worked with private clients since 2020 and held full time positions in collegiate and professional baseball settings at the University of Oregon, Clemson University, and Chicago Cubs. She is a certified specialist in sports dietetics. 

As a sports dietitian, Jordan helps athletes navigate fueling for performance and optimal health. She uses research-backed recommendations and guides individuals on improving their fueling and nutrition habits to their specific needs. Though some nutrition recommendations may support and apply to most athletes, she incorporates an individualized approach tailored to the individual she’s working with. 

Jordan has been featured in various media outlets, including USA Today, Forbes Health, Healthline, Sport’s Illustrated, Livestrong, Runner’s World, and Outside Magazine. She writes for Men’s Journal and is a medical reviewer for HelpGuide. Her mission is to provide evidence-based truths to help readers navigate their own eating habits in a productive and healthy way. 

In her spare time, Jordan enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and pup in the summer months and snowboarding in the winter months. She loves hosting family and friends and growing her own vegetables and herbs.

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