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We commit our time to assessment, treatment, and collaboration in all our services. We understand that your mental health is as important as your physical health and once we’ve established your needs, we implement coaching or behavioral support to support your efforts.

Amy Goldsmith
Our Team / Amy Goldsmith

Amy Goldsmith

RDN, LDN | Owner | Sports Nutrition and Eating Disorder Expert | ​Certified Expert in the Media

Amy Goldsmith founded Kindred Nutrition in 2010. She became a dietitian in 1999 and although she has worked with many realms of Medical Nutrition Therapy, specializes in Sports Nutrition, Eating Disorders/Disorder Eating. She has a passion to ditch diet culture, the foundation of misinformation. ​​​​​

Eating Disorder treatment is a very specific niche. Receiving treatment from someone who does not understand the disease can be dangerous and create frustration and hopelessness. While creating a non judgement safe space, Amy meets everyone where they are and will advocate or model how to advocate for your needs. The focus is first on clinical safety in sustainable, non threatening ways and we move through treatment together as you evolve towards remission and recovery. You are a part of the treatment team and your voice matters. 

As a sports nutritionist and dietitian, Amy assists with getting the client to peak performance by incorporating optimal nutrition before, during training, race/game/event time, and recovery. Amy works with people individually, through teams, and within the community.

Amy has been featured in multiple media outlets such as SHAPE, SELF, Parents, the Frederick News Post and more. She works directly with local and national sports clubs and Collegiate Athletes throughout the United States.

Amy is an Expert in Eating Disorder and Sports Nutrition care providing her expetise as a spokesperson in the media.

In her spare time Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, two teenagers, and Portuguese Water Dog, while focusing on joyful movement and relaxing by the pool. Amy is also a Crossfit athlete who recently was asked to act as an ambassador at her local box.

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