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Nutrition Prescriptions
to Go the Extra Mile

With over 25 years of experience in sports nutrition, our specialists customize your nutrition prescription to your body and goals so that you can reach your next level.

Who We Work With


  • Club level adolescent athletes
  • Highschool athletes
  • Pre College Athletes (we will get you to goals by college start date)
  • College Athletes (we work with your team during winter/summer breaks)


  • Marathon/Half Marathon Runners
  • Triathletes
  • Elite Adult Athletes
  • Professional Athletes
  • Crossfit

We understand what
athletes need… because we’re athletes, too

At Kindred Nutrition we understand the role nutrition plays in your training, performance, and repletion. Not only do we have over 25 years of collective training in Sports Nutrition, but our dietitians also have personal experience training and competing in half marathons, triathlons, Crossfit competitions, and other competitive sports, sometimes still celebrating on the podium!

Our Approach

We use evidence based science, combined with your training plan and current lifestyle to focus on your nutrition prescription. Your nutrition prescription will focus on fueling sports performance and recovery. You will receive specific fuel recommendations, along with timing of meals, hydration, and electrolyte recommendations, all which are important for the athlete.​

We use the following tools to determine yourparticular nutrition prescription:

  • Assessments and Recommendations from a Registered Dietitian who SPECIALIZES in Sports Nutrition
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Testing through Metacheck
  • Body Fat Testing through Bodystat Ltd.
  • Designed SWEAT Tests
  • Recommendations for Sports Performance USP Certified Supplements
  • Coordination with PCP for lab assessments

“I am a weightlifter/CrossFit athlete and started working with Amy shortly after having my son 4 years ago. Before working with her I did my best to eat healthy and stayed away from processed foods. Once I started working with Amy I saw a dramatic change in my body composition and my performance skyrocketed. I had no idea I could feel this good and my body could perform at such a high level.

The biggest take away for me was learning how to fuel my body properly and how to have a positive relationship with food. This is something that I am now passing along to my son to instill healthy habits at a young age. Amy and the Kindred Nutrition team have completely changed my life and I am so thankful for them everyday.”

AJ, Crossfit athlete and client

“After searching all over the DC area for a runner-friendly dietitian, we came across Amy Goldsmith and her company, Kindred Nutrition. We invited her to speak to our runners, and we were so impressed with her ability to provide essential advice to improve our runners’ performances in a manner that was easy to understand and implement.

Thanks to Amy’s guidance, we have been able to help hundreds of our runners fuel appropriately while training and racing to achieve their goals. Her deep knowledge of all things nutrition has been invaluable for us as coaches and runners. In addition to being knowledgeable, Amy is approachable, kind, and has a knack for making even the most reluctant client feel comfortable. Lastly, Amy is the real deal with real credentials. She does not sell diet products through an internet pyramid scheme, nor does she believe that people should eliminate entire food groups to lose weight. She is simply the best.”

JS & LR, Boston Marathon Runners and Running Coaches

“I am a big believer in thanking folks that help me out in life. So I want to send a quick note to say thank you for your help and work with me recently on nutrition and hydration regarding my running and triathlon efforts.”

DF, Runner and client

“Based on what we discussed I have adjusted some things with how I plan out my nutrition and hydration, as well as just taking more rest time to fuel up and let my body recover during my long outings. And I definitely feel much better about it all now and am getting better results from it.”

KC, runner and client

“I just completed my 1st goal of the year, and was able to do a Trail Run Marathon distance event. I took extra time to make sure I was stopping and getting in the food and liquids every 30-40 minutes, and never felt dehydrated or out of energy the whole time. My muscles and body were sore and fatigued, but my energy level didn’t do the dropping off a cliff I usually experienced in the past around the 4-5 hour mark. So I was really happy to see I could make this work.”

DS, Ultrarunner

Ready to reach your goals?

Payment :
Payment is due at time of service.  We accept checks, all major credit cards, venmo, HSA’s and FSA’s.

Out of network provider:
Kindred Nutrition and Kinetics is approved as an out of network provider.  Our practice focuses on individual, confidential care that includes collaboration, in depth medical review, and case management which are not reimbursed by insurance. As an out of network provider we are capable of designing long term care independent of what an insurance company dictates.  You may request a Superbill  after each visit which you can  submit for reimbursement.   

What to ask your insurance provider when assessing out of network benefits:

  1. Call your benefits department using the 800 number on the back of your card
  2. Give the providers name you will be working with
  3. Ask if you have out of network nutrition counseling benefits for CPT code 97802 or 97803
  4. Provide diagnosis
  5. Ask how many allowed visits per year you have or if there are any restrictions to include telehealth or diagnosis
  6. Ask what percentage you are reimbursed to help financially plan

If your particular insurance does not include out of network benefits and you are being seen for a specialty visit, it is appropriate to initiate the process for a single case agreement with your customer service or case manager representative specific to your insurance.

The Department of Labor has officially determined that insurance companies who provide MNT services (Medical Nutrition Therapy) for medical conditions but not eating disorders are in violation of the Mental Health Parity law.  This means that you are able to send denial complaints to the Department of Labor who will investigate.