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So Much Misinformation!

June 10, 2024

So Much Misinformation!

I was recently quoted in another well written article by Caroline Thomason, RD, CDCES. In the article dietitians quoted 7 ‘bad’ high calorie foods to add to your diet according to dietitians. It was reviewed for factual information by Jessica Ball, MS, RD. The article has been circulated and I got a lot of positive feedback from it from being thankful that I am putting myself out there to dispel rumors to people really not understanding the benefits of some of these fuels. I am always grateful for feedback and it as I process it I always come up with different conclusions.

1. Experts matter. If you care about your results, you need to care about where you are getting your information. You don’t bring your car to a carwash to get your oil changed. Both are businesses under the same umbrella but have very different deliverables. Why are you going to get individualized nutrition counseling from anyone other than a dietitian? The word nutrition is too broad and most attempting to operate in this capacity aren’t licensed or don’t have the experience to give you anything more than “personal” advice, recommendations on structure, advice on meal prep/planning, or reading a nutrition label. If that person has personal experience that includes misinformation it leads to diet culture and reiteration of misinformation.

2. Do your research. Where are you getting your information from? Is it reviewed? Who’s paying for the marketing? Nutrition is a science and although the media would like to say it’s ever changing, it actually hasn’t. What’s changed is how people interpret the evidence based science, how they talk about it, and how they manipulate it.

3.There’s no such thing as a quick fix. There’s a resemblance to those who are looking for the quick fix and those who are selling the quick fix and it’s the effort level. Those who want a quick fix aren’t able or willing to do the work and those who want to provide the quick fix, which is impossible, are trying to make a quick buck. An intelligent being knows what goes into nutrition treatment and is honest with their clients. It takes work and it takes time.

I’m proud of being a dietitian and I’m proud of the sweat and tears I poured into my degree, internship, and the last twenty five years of experience. After all, that’s what gets my clients to their goals.