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Sports Nutrition for Adults & Teens

Bring Your A-Game to Your Performance

Amy uses 25 years of experience plus evidence-based science, combined with your training plan and current lifestyle to focus on your nutrition prescription. Your nutrition prescription will focus on peaking sports performance while focusing on recovery. You will received specific fuel recommendations in the form of exchanges, calories, and/or macronutrients along with timing of meals, hydration, and electrolyte recommendations, all which are important for the athlete.‚Äč


Safe and Experienced
Care to Recovery

At Kindred Nutrition you will be safely monitored by Amy Goldsmith who has 25 years of collective experience in the field of Eating Disorders. Amy leads the medical side of Eating Disorder treatment by assessing needs and recommending a plan for weight restoration, education, and remission of symptoms. We will help you build a team if you don’t have one and we will also work with your team to ensure Eating Disorder specific treatment is occuring.