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Keep It Simple

February 10, 2024

Keep It Simple

We live in a world with immediate access to information.  This is a great tool when looking for recipes, an address, hours of operation, or something that has a finite answer. It gets more complicated when looking up exercise, nutrition, or a disease state because the answers are more complex and individualized.  As an expert It’s frustrating to search the web because there’s so much misinformation and I believe this confuses the consumer.

The diet industry is a billion dollar business that grows exponentially and survives by selling products.  One of the most successful ways to market products is through social media campaigns that utilize influencers who may not be experts.  Influencers provide opinions, reviews of products, and even advice. The advice becomes a problem because it often lacks scientific evidence. This cycle continues where a product is marketed, it fails to help the consumer, and due to the failure the consumer searches and buys the next thing they hope to be the magic bullet. 

As products become popular and earn more money from their sales, more marketing campaigns are launched and this is where we start to hear such things as plant based milks are healthier than cows milk regardless of all their added sugar and lack of protein and that we should make everything out of cauliflower because carbs are bad.

Ultimately most  consumers understand that whole foods are better than processed, that we should have daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, and that dairy can provide calcium and vitamin D which protects our bones. It’s the lack of time and planning that prevents most from following through with acting on this on a daily basis. If you want to eat healthier you have to plan for it to be able to implement it. My suggestion is to keep it simple first and add variety later.  Plan to eat about 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day.  Have a dairy at each meal.  Make sure you have enough protein and don’t be afraid of the grains. When plating your food have half of your plate be the fruits and veggies and the other half split between your protein and grain.  You’ll also add dairy at each meal and don’t forget some fat for taste and texture. Once you are consistently eating your meals and adjusting your plate as mentioned, then it’s time to add variety and search for new products you like. 

I don’t expect any of my clients to just buy fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. You should enjoy potato chips and cookies. Buy it, eat it, and enjoy it.  When you focus on appropriate portion sizes you can then add what you need to make it a complete snack or meal.  If you want a cookie or two enjoy it and add some fruit and veggies and a protein to ensure you are getting what you need. Of course to practice any of this you need a plan.  Start this week with making a grocery list and menu. This will help you operate in a mindful way.  Download my grocery list and menu here to get you started.